Privacy Policy

Who is Affected by the Privacy Policy

All actions in this privacy policy govern interactions between the Clients and the Provider. Privacy Policy informs clients of procedures and policies governing use, collection, and disclosure of information including personal data provided by the Clients to the Providers.

What Information do Clients Provide?

The submission of personal information via web forms on our website along with use of the various interactive features on the Website that include, but are not limited to, contests, sweepstakes, promotions, customer support requests and all other information is governed by this policy.

Information from attendees such as name, phone number, e-mail and physical addresses may be requested and collected.

What Information Does Provider Collect from Clients via Website?

Cookies and Other Tracking Technologies:

Cookies and other technology that collects information are used for many purposes. These devices can gather personal information, device information, and information about networks used to access our Websites. Please read our Cookie Policy for more detailed information about the use of cookies on our Websites.

How Do We Use Collected Information?

The only personal information we collect is necessary information to enter into a contract (for example, provide Clients with Provider’s Services). Processing data for these reasons is within legitimate interests and therefore not superseded by personal data protection interests and within the rights of your local and national laws. There are some instances, where Provider must legally obtain personal information from Clients.

Personal information is requested for legal compliance or to enter into a contract, at that time Provider will make clear to Client the rationale and whether information required is mandatory along with consequences of failure to provide data.

At any time, if Provider processes personal information relying on Client consent, Client may withdraw consent at any time. It is incumbent upon Provider to make clear why personal information is relevant upon the request of such.

If any questions arise concerning legal basis upon which information is collected, contact the Provider via the “Contact Us” section.

How is Children’s Personal Information Handled?

Provider does not knowingly collect any information from children younger than 13. Provider encourages parents and legal guardians to monitor children’s internet usage. It is the parent and legal guardian’s responsibility to ensure children are not submitting personal information and accessing Websites and Services without parental and legal guardian’s consent. If there is reason to believe a child under 13 provided personal information via Websites or Services to Provider, use the “Contact Us” form and Provider will use all commercially reasonable efforts to remove information.

Cookies policy


Cookie Policy (“Policy”) shows how information is used. This Policy provides detailed information about when and how cookies are used on Website.

Do we use Cookies?

Cookies and alternate technologies are used to ensure all people visiting Websites have best experience.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files placed on a hard drive through a server on a web page. Cookies contain information the web server will read upon the next time a computer tries to access a site. There are several types of cookies, and each of their features is listed below. This list is updated every quarter, so there may be cookies in use that are not listed yet. Vehicles used to deliver cookies are web beacons, scripts, tags, and e-mail.

Why Use Cookies?

Cookies are used to determine site sage, campaign effectiveness, and other analytics provided via individual or aggregate basis. Cookies are used to understand visitor preferences and through analysis, to improve the user information. Cookies can be controlled at the individual browser level. If cookies are not activated or later disabled, this action may limit features on Websites.

How to Disable Cookies?

Through web browsers, Clients can activate or de-activate cookies in the browser settings.